Embrace the bright side.

I'm Natalie Avondet. I'm an abstract artist and my subject matter is inspiration through perseverance. I choose to treasure the trials, the tribulations, the uncelebrated moments that one must overcome to succeed.

I use traditional materials (acrylic on canvas) in an unconventional way. To begin I reverse the color palette to create a negative, if you will. I then layer, swirl or scrape the final colors on top.

It is the cahooting of bright hues and techniques that bring the subject matter to life. Whether it is a winding river that has faced a boulder in its path, a dog abandoned at a shelter, or a human struck down by opposition, their rising in spite of the odds radiates inspiration.

I like a combination of old and new; urban and rural; leather and lace. I prefer cats to dogs; hot to cold, and wine with dinner. To learn more about me and where I'll be next follow me on social media, check out my blog, and/or subscribe to my newsletter where you will also get a weekly reminder that adversity is your ally.

If you don’t find the image you're looking for on natalieavondet.com/shop, then take the bull by the horns, reach out and ask me. I might have it in my inventory. I would also be happy to create your inspiration. Keep on keeping on but do it with grit, grace, gumption, gusto and gratitude,


Previous clients include: New Space Gallery, Los Angeles; Grafica Fine Art Gallery, St. Louis; Domash Design Source, St. Louis; Perficient, St. Louis; Metzler Bros. Insurance, Kansas City; Conestoga-Rover & Assoc., St. Louis; Bommarito Auto, St. Louis; Modern Business Interiors, St. Louis; World Art Group, Richmond.