Embrace the bright side.

I'm Natalie Avondet. I'm an abstract artist and my subject matter is inspiration through perseverance.

Throughout the years, I have shown works in Los Angeles, Kansas City and St. Louis.  But that style was dramatically different than the one I choose today.  A breast cancer diagnosis followed by Covid and the accompanying lockdowns changed me, my life and my art.  

In 2020, I chose to treasure the trials, the tribulations, the uncelebrated moments that one must overcome to succeed. Those moments define who we are.  They either make us or break us.  Use them to make you stronger.  Make you braver.  Make you better.  

To convey resilience, I intermingle carefully selected or crafted portraits, be it a celebrity or a face in the crowd, with bright hues, techniques, and sometimes, tenacious wording.  Through this intermingling, the paintings pop with life, fun and perseverance.

I use traditional materials (acrylic on canvas) in an unconventional way. To begin I reverse the color palette to create a negative, if you will. I then layer, swirl or scrape what is to be the final colors on top. 

It is the spirit that rises in spite of the odds that wins.  Do not give up.

I like a combination of old and new; urban and rural; leather and lace. I prefer cats to dogs; hot to cold, and wine with dinner. To learn more about me and where I'll be next follow me on social media, check out my A Bit More page, and/or subscribe to my newsletter where you will also get a weekly reminder that adversity is your ally.

If you don’t find the image you're looking for on natalieavondet.com/shop, then take the bull by the horns, reach out and ask me. I might have it in my inventory. I would also be happy to create your inspiration. Keep on keeping on but do it with grit, grace, gumption, gusto and gratitude,


Previous clients include: New Space Gallery, Los Angeles; Grafica Fine Art Gallery, St. Louis; Domash Design Source, St. Louis; Perficient, St. Louis; Metzler Bros. Insurance, Kansas City; Conestoga-Rover & Assoc., St. Louis; Bommarito Auto, St. Louis; Modern Business Interiors, St. Louis; World Art Group, Richmond.