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She sees a problem as an opportunity in disguise.  For every problem, there is a solution.  She will find it.  

As a verb, resolve means to settle or find a solution to a problem; to decide firmly on a course of action.  As a noun it means firm determination to do something.  

We all face obstacles in life.  Do you handle them with resolve?  




Pink Mojo

She has incredible energy and enthusiasm.  She will attract people.  She will bring you success.  She’s your good luck charm.




Blue Attitude

She is content with what she has but always striving for more. She likes who she is but is constantly growing.  She has a peace about her that draws you in.




She wakes up everyday, looks in the mirror and tells the image looking back, “You got this.”  She knows her aspirations are hers and hers alone.  And she is willing to go after them.  Do you relate?



She conquers her inner fear.  Over and over again.  She likes to push boundaries.  She is determined.  She works hard.  

These qualities lie in every woman.  Some have leaned into it all their life.  Others find it later.  Even those who think they don’t have it, really do.  Which one are you?


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Obelisk Home OH Gallery

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I’m happy to paint a portrait specifically for you.  I will need a selection of high quality images from which to choose. I do reserve the right to decline requests if I feel I won’t be able to complete the portrait to your liking. Contact with any requests.

As always, if you have a void to fill, fill it with inspiration. Embrace the bright side with a purchase of either a print or an original from Natalie Avondet Studios.